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Fair of solitude: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. House

DG Rybakov, EV Rybakova, RM Sultanova, GA Gayazova, RA Rezyapov
MMIG "White Speech" GBU PMPC Beloretsk, Bashkir State University, Bashkir State University, USTU - UPI

The rapid and multi-faceted, this medical detective story so dense and tense that we want to give out for the viewer's persistence medical assistant certificate, regardless of the conventions related to the characteristics of serial production.

The focus of specific diagnostic audience's attention, not only professionally-medical part of the audience, and are naturally the main characters actions.

The title figure of Doctor House strongly forcing the viewer to consider the diagnostic genius in acute clinical aspect, as the bearer of social and communicative expressed diskompetention and pseudo compensation.

Undoubtedly, he is sharp, neglects social behavioral trends and openly mocks and above the rules, and on the social expectations, the human environment for him painfully and preposterously, however, is mutual.

These and his other features in the composition as deliberately destructive, but phenomenally productive symptom become operational basis organically effective methodology diagnostic cooperation doctors' offices, many forced, but collectively inspired and charming, forming a group relationship, positioned and acting also outside the clinic and medicine .

Multi-tasking, and exceptional strength of the work involved in separating and plot motifs characters necessitates paradoxical moves algorithmization organization and activities, plots, assembly plans.

Maintain and support the success here can only be unusual in terms of personal and professional people ready to reshape itself under the format and objectives of the department for the advancement, promotion, ranking, and under the spell of the front of the character or the mission given.

Even a negative component of its charm House delicately wraps the benefit is difficult to establish a process for adjusting the transaction specific medical, interpersonal, intersocial tasks budiring situations and characters, puzzling, provoking, creating a seemingly impossible situation for the environment, cheating expectations and projections.

Thus, both structurally and operationally, and goal-setting aspect of the odious image of Hausa organically fit into the trends eccentric professor, anchorite, with features of autism spectrum and sociopathy that is of interest for simulation training and research cases.

Setting the hero in varying degrees of irritation or acceptance of such ideas and translates them quickly refutes, revealing a willingness to trust not only his own vision, but also a responsibility, and organization, in the most severe instances, corresponding seemingly antisocial behavior.

Dr. House, he also embodied a paradox in this serial architectonics can not be its own antithesis, as well as his blessed friend and constant opponent, often too violent for a good friend, like the rest of the dipoles of the highly stressed conglomerate.

The intimate life of the brilliant diagnostician also accompanied by tearing the social contradictions and incompleteness. However, here also consonant positionable professional diagnostic and corporate synergies. Active Endeavour Dr. House for avoiding, overcoming pockets of emerging micro social stability look purposefully, as evidenced by consistently devastating failures when trying to build a more or less socially acceptable course of action.

So, in this case, we see the essential features of the person, there is little measurable even purposeful regulation of superior intellect of man, which holds high-resource management capabilities of social, biological, neuro-psychological processes of life, as well as the mechanisms of self-analysis of his inner world. Of course, the larger the person, the greater and more varied opportunities it True Diversity, and the abyss of her unconscious traps, transactions in which the environment can be involved.

And researchers, and the viewer is tempting, of course, retrospectively analyze the origin of such reversals in the social-activity-position figures appear simultaneously mosaic, contradictory, unstable - and here demonstrates the phenomenal harmony, discipline, structure-forming efficiency.

Shortage of factography etiologically significant events, phenomena and the likely formation of personality preconditions both odious and charming in the storylines are not observed. On the contrary, the characters from the past House intricately interleaved, shuffled, represent the single version of the influence on the development of the personality of the hero, the polar, pulls accents perspective - their host simultaneously phantasmagorically superfluous and at the same time each line is inadequate, does not justify the expectations of the observer to achieve how a sustainable understanding of this difficult organized education. Meanwhile, the outlook protective motives encourage the viewer to determine the past, the original luggage so triumphantly, intriguing character, so that if not analytically, at least intuitively closer to the perception of the prospects for the further development of its activities and influence.

In operational terms, the structure of activity forms, warp, and specifies the identity, and individual human instruments in extremely difficult conditions. Recall, for example, characters of "production" of novels A. Haley, etc. Psychologically the conditional probability of the causes in the loss of previously acquired psevdokompensation support, replacement, possibly, social competence deficit, for example, micro social deprivation or domestic violence, or guilt complex similar mechanisms on the life of influence.

Conformable the etiologic reasons clinical character, good pathological symptoms is quite a sight.

It is noteworthy that the assumptions of this type by reference to a figure of epic character shrinking, melting, as well as gradually devalued and retrospective images mikrosocial environment, finding phantasmagoric features and styling buffoonery.

Probably, wittingly or unwittingly, the authors brought the hero of realistic format, stating truly epic figure, but without the traditional superhero paraphernalia. Miss Lee leads him if otherness or environmental expectations of society - a large-scale, apparently, social demand for such content if commercial mill and the fate of the series confirmed the viability of the crushing complex information resource. Almost Art House, let such a pun.

We believe it is no coincidence as rich and entertaining, representatives of the followers of "House." Derivatives of the figure and filmography by themselves are interesting, original, viable. However, the same epic scale and serial corresponding to what is called, endurance and audience interest in production and marketing management, is no longer observed. Whether the second social order did not provide the information space, or more mature the necessary production, spectator capacity. Maybe you need a turn threads.

The image of the House meets, and shifting of the global society, unclear prospects of development problematic fundraising optimization of the processes. As the eccentric doctor picks up unexpected but appropriate response to address the increasingly complex problems and the state of mankind interested in timely expedient response to an unusually intense challenges of the current reality in the formation of a holistic vision of multi-level processes and contradictory phenomena.

Moreover, that opened all the new players on the world stage, just interested in the destructive scenarios of global trends. What also has a parallel in the serial texture.

It is interesting to observe and analyze the environment benefit from the seemingly nervousness and volatility, defined by the presence of House and its methodology. The range of options for textbook deployed, novellas line designated representative, including with regard to efforts, voluntarily or involuntarily taken to save the characters vigorously condemned the status quo.

It is noteworthy that unlike the other protagonists triumphant charm, House is surrounded by no notable decrease in the figures. on the contrary, the selection and replacement of the secondary characters demonstrate the exceptional generosity of copyright directing, camerawork, the director's group to encircle the central image, and visually and thematically-activity and innovation in the productive relationship.

And in this context, the dramatic tension, the vast intrigue the viewer's attention and focus relentlessly in House-center, giving additional monoline phenomenological and appeal.

The viewer can not help exploring the hidden nature of the apparent productivity of targeted, and pronounced contentious components of the film determines its relevant parameters and criteria of efficiency, viability, personal and corporate security.

House actively showing signs of destructiveness, but successful, enjoys attention and trust emerges victorious from extremely adverse situations and rescues colleagues. It is emphasized polar Wilson not only detects small, often counterproductive, features and inconsistency, self-destructs his identity because of internal defects and false position as goal-setting and self-positioning. Perhaps, therefore, the basic plot logic removes it from the world of the living, a kind of anti-Virgil accompanies his friend and colleague twice antipode to the alleged renewal of the mission.

Specific methods of professional work the characters are reflected in the privacy of the clinic workers to correlate with the dynamics and structure of the organization of the show. Deductive component of the product causes the viewer's desire to predict the plot or the expressive motifs series, based on the structuring and refrains formats, but the filmmakers keep the intrigue around the eccentrically beating expectations and projections. One gets the feeling that he Dr. House plays with the audience, especially since the latter is already included in the solving and health, and everyday cases.